Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Home DesignCoastal Design Pt. 2 - The Crow's Nest

This next home was built by the Stokton family who bought a beautiful slip of land that teeters on the brink of the serene Fripp Island marshes in South Carolina.  The home was designed by Atlanta architect, Dwayne Stone, who was asked to take full advantage of the lush marsh views.  Constructed by contractor, Alan Patterson, the home has wonderful entertaining space and a unique feature I refer to as "The Crows Nest".

Exterior view of the Stokton home on Fripp Island, SC
Tall windows capped with transoms, broad overhangs, a satin metal roof, soft coastal green shingle siding and the playful crows nest perched at the peak of the roof make this island home a welcome addition to the breezy marsh land of Fripp Island, SC.

Interior view of the casually comfortable living spaces
The open great room space crowned with a vaulted ceiling and timber beams is surrounded on three sides by the amazing coastal views of golden and green marsh grass.

Interior view of the open kitchen with oversized island and vaulted ceiling
Soft gray cabinets with a white quartz top and sleek stainless steel appliances offer a clean cool look ideal for a tropical vacation home.  The painted ship lap ceiling provides a  rustic texture that both correlates with and contrasts to the stained timber beams.

Screened dining porch view
Further capturing the magnificent view and brisk island breeze is the dining porch furnished with a slatted teak table and padded teak arm chairs.  Naval blue napkins with coordinating patterned dishware and crystal blue glassware set on the earth tone furnishings perfectly mimics with the swirl of ocean and marsh grass that surrounds this outdoor oasis.

The bunk room is reminiscent of sleeping quarters found on sailing vessels allowing it to take advantage of an otherwise tight space in a truly nautical fashion.  Madras plaid bedding in bright primary colors pop against the clean white bed frames with stowaway storage.  Nautical light sconces provide each bunk with a private reading light or an effective way to keep any coastal ghosts at bay.

Interior view of the crows nest observation loft
 The crows nest provides 360 degree views in a cozy loft accessed by a spiral metal stair.  The space is perfect for keeping watch or for a relaxing getaway.

Nautical themed accessories can be found throughout the home including this whimsical port hole mirror which opens to reveal shallow storage shelves and this ruler themed mirror frame which hangs in a dressing area.

This open, airy and bright home surrounded by majestic, tranquil marsh views provides ample inspiration for those who wish to bring the appealing look and feel of coastal living into their home.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Home DesignCoastal Design Ideas - Captain's Villa

This creative villa, redesigned by Nancy Hurley of Coastal Designs by Nancy, is the first in a series of six coastal homes I am highlighting in my "Coastal Design" blog series.  All of these homes are located on Fripp Island, SC and were part of the 2016 Fripp Island Women's Club Home Tour.

We began our tour at the Captain John Fripp Villa and were surprised and delighted by the fresh interiors and modern take on traditional coastal design.

Bright whites mixed with weathered wood, shiny chrome, mirrored accents and muted taupes create a relaxing oasis perfect for coastal living or for those of us who wish we were living at the coast.

A faux transom made from framed mirrors adds visual interest and a sense of height to the otherwise low ceiling.  This detail is carried throughout the 1250 square foot villa.

The Master bedroom walls are accented with ship lap and continue the mirrored transom detail.  The white interior is coupled with contrasting dark stained elements and subtle textures.

 The Guest bedroom continues the use of ship lap and mirrors along with coastal silhouettes.

The Bunk Room sleeps six and takes advantage of storage space under the beds and between them.  Burlap and brown accents provide contrast and warmth.

The outside patio overlooks the marsh in a shaded relaxing space with fun blue and green tone accents pieces.  The galley kitchen floor has a series of jute mats sewn together to form a runner.

For a small space, this villa has the feel of a luxury home.  It was a great beginning to our tour and proved to be one of my favorite designs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Home DesignKitchen Design Trends for 2016

Curious to know what kitchen design trends will dominate in 2016?  Below we list some design trends you will want to incorporate into your home this year.
Kitchens that open up to living and dining spaces satisfy the needs of the modern family

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Color is making a comeback in combination with neutral colors

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Rustic elements such as stone, timber and metal are being mixed with more refined materials to create a dynamic design balance

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Counters with a "live edge" have irregular, lightly finished edges that accentuate the natural appearance of the material.  In this case the natural curvature of the tree is easily visible in the solid wood plank counter. 

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Advances in technology and a desire for sanitary food prep conditions has fueled a boom in "touchless" fixtures for the home

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Built-in fryers, double ovens, 6-8 burner gas cooktops and glass front refrigerators are just a few of the very popular commercial grade appliances being requested by food savvy homeowners

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Cabinets are extending to the underside of ceilings creating more storage and the opportunity for additional illumination through the use of upper glass cabinets

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design

Pull-out columns and specialized storage inserts are a common request in kitchens that will continue into the new year

Photo Credit: Kimberly Kerl, Kustom Home Design
Kitchen renovations are still one of our most requested project types and every kitchen we design reflects the unique personality of their homeowner.  We are grateful to have clients who trust us to create exciting new trends and offer creative design solutions in unique and varied ways.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Home DesignGet Creative - Cabinetry Inspirations from KBIS 2015

The 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas was full of fantastic cabinetry inspirations.  The show was brimming with eclectic design styles, common materials used in uncommon ways, and new products that make your cabinetry come alive.  Since I couldn't take you along as I visited each booth, I've taken the time to showcase some of the most creative design ideas and products that I found.


Floating elements are very popular and very cool.  Whether it is a floating shelf, floating drawer or floating cabinet; these designs are fun and give the illusion that the elements are unsupported, as if by magic.  Who couldn't use a little magic?

Clean lines, soft hues & a floating drawer ooze a spa-like feel
Put a slant on your designs with irregular forms & asymmetrical geometry

Retro colors used in creative patterns lend a funky vibe
Use contrasting materials & hidden lights for a clean, modern feel
Use color & lighting to brighten up a space

Floating cabinetry appears to defy gravity itself




Rustic materials that evoke nostalgia and replicate or pay homage to mother nature provide designs with a feeling of comfort and warmth.  Industrial influences in lighting or hardware give a masculine, casual feel to a space. On the other hand, more refined styles can be used on their own or in combination with these rustic elements.  Either way a good design has to be functional and when it comes to cabinetry, organization is the name of the game.

Rich stain & hammered copper top with integral sink
Wavy seeded glass with weathered shelves

Heringbone floor, farm sink & industrial pendant lights
Dark stain coupled with painted back & wire and galvanized accessories

Sleek stained cabinet with rustic knobs

Mocha stain, industrial lights & plank tile wall

Gray paint, antique glass & plate shelf
Pull-out dining table

Metal hood with geometric tile backsplash
Belt buckle bracket

Crafting & wrapping station
Lighting in back of door rather than from above
Piano top door style (opened)

Piano top door style (closed)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Home DesignAppliance Innovations You Should Know About

The 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas was packed with appliance manufacturers featuring their latest and greatest products.  I browsed them all and compiled a list of the most impressive new appliance features that you should pay attention to.

SIDE OPEN OVENBosch's 30 inch Benchmark Series Wall Ovens are available with side opening doors.  The ovens come in either right or left swing doors.  This is an option you should expect to see more of and one you may want to consider for your next wall oven.

The side opening door allows for easier transfer of heavy items in and out of the oven and when mounted at the appropriate height, it is accessible for those in wheelchairs.


SPEED MICROWAVE OVEN:  Everyone likes to save time, energy and space.  A speed microwave helps you do just that.  Instead of eating up valuable real estate in your kitchen with a built-in microwave and second convection oven, you can use a combination microwave/convection oven like the one made by Bosch.  

The ovens come in either 27 inch or 30 inch widths and the Bosch Benchmark series ovens are designed to align with one another in both vertical and horizontal configurations.  The sleek design also allows for a flush installation so the face of the appliance aligns with the face of your cabinets.


FRONT CONTROL 30 INCH GAS RANGES:  This may not sound exciting to many of you, but finding a 30" gas range with front mount controls has been a difficult proposition that is finally getting a little easier.  Thermador and Frigidiaire both offer 30" gas ranges with front controls.  From a design perspective, the front controls allow you to have a clean look with an uninterrupted backsplash; however, that's not the only advantage.  Front mount controls also prevent you from reaching over hot elements or pans to reach the controls.



CUSTOM PANELED REFRIGERATOR/ FREEZER COLUMNS:  More and more homeowners are realizing the advantages of having full column freezers and refrigerators as opposed to a combination refrigerator/freezer.  As these products gain in popularity so do the design options.  Appliances designed to accept custom panels have swung the design door wide open.  Refrigeration design options are limitless with the new custom panel configurations offered by Thermador's Freedom Collection.  The design below was featured at KBIS 2015 and includes custom made wood panels on the wine columns and custom made copper panels on the refrigerator and freezer columns.


The newly engineering hinges on the Thermador Freedom Collection refrigeration units allow them to support tremendous weight and still achieve a 115 degree swing.  This series of refrigeration columns have custom designed quartzite panels and handles.

Appliance innovations abound each and every year with a dizzying array of options, accessories and price points.  When you're ready to upgrade your appliances or design your dream kitchen space, seek the advice of a professional who can help lead the way.